Geometrical Product Specification and Verification

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  Geometrical Product Specification and Verification  

Geometrical Product Specification



Geometrical Product Specification and verification (GPS) is an ISO standard system covering standards of size, dimension,geometrical tolerance and surface texture of geometrical product.

This textbook would not have been possible without understanding and cosponsoring from the authorities of the project partner universities.
The need for a textbook that provides the fundamentals of dimensional and geometrical tolerancing was identified by the editor and his colleagues from other European universities during the International Conference on Coordinate Measuring Technique that is organised by Lodz Technical University Bielsko-Biala Branch every two years. We furthermore discussed demands for such a textbook for students and lecturers in mechanical and production engineering faculties during the IMEKO World Congresses in 1999 in Osaka and in 2000 in Vienna.
We would also like to acknowledge the numerous colleagues from Technical Committee ISO/TC 213 Dimensional and Geometrical Product Specifications and Verification and the national standards committees who have contributed much to our understanding of the current state of the art in dimensional and geometrical tolerancing.

  GPS pocket Book  


Pocket Book

The GPS Pocket Book is not intended to be a substitute for all the GPS standards. Nor does it eliminate the need for GPS training. It is intended as a memory aid for everybody who comes into contact with GPS drawings:

  • Designers

  • Detailers

  • CAD Operators

  • Manufacturing Engineers

  • Quality Engineers

  • CMM Operators

  • Inspectors

  • Metrologists


GD&T Forum



GD&T Forum

The GD&T(Geometrical Dimension & Tolerance) Forum provides an environment for GD&T members to communicate freely with each other on a variety of topics. It is a place to exchange tips on using the libraries and find answers to support questions.
Members of the GD&T host, monitor and participate in the forum. These folks are industry experts and longtime users of GD&T standards.  Additionally, our dedicated support and developers also monitor the forum, and provide answers as appropriate.

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